Pirate with an eye out of its socket!

I created this pirate character makeup for my character class in January of 2024, I wanted to make it shocking and gory! 

She has her eye out of its socket from battle, I made the base from latex and cotton and I premade the eyeball from hot glue, paint, red yarn, glossy top coat, gelatin, and of course blood! There is a scar across her lip made from rigid collodion, a dirty face and chest using dirt works in muddy waters, a bloody nose with scab blood, blood on her hands, and blood in her mouth. I layered Pros-Aide on her lips to make them more chapped looking, I also made a 'hero cut' or a cut on the brow with 3rd-degree silicone, no color powder, PPI Skin Illustrator alcohol palettes, and blood. I used these same products to make the cut on her shoulder as well!

Other minor details I included were the gold bottom teeth, hair accessories (including styling the hair with waves), and some smudged eyeliner on the other eye with some smudged mascara. I used some soy sauce and water for the rum and I put together the wardrobe as well!

I have a small video that I shared with the Stan Winston School Instagram account under my username (@ashleycomstocksfx)

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