Fenrir ripping Tyr's hand off - Sculpture

Polymer clay sculpture airbrushed and painted with acrylic paint.
By Claudia Ruiz Picot 

Fenrir is the monstrous wolf creature of Norse Mythology. At first, the Aesir Gods decided to raise Fenrir in an attempt to tame the chaos he represents. The only one who dared to feed Fenrir was Tyr, the brave and righteous Norse God.
When the Gods realized Fenrir was too powerful, they decided to bind him to protect themselves and the world from him. They were able to gain the Wolf’s consent by telling him that the chains were tests of his strength. He broke the first and second fetters that were big and strong. When the Gods present him with the third thin and weak-looking fetter, Fenrir suspiciously commits to the challenge only if someone puts his hand in his mouth - if he cannot release himself he will bite the volunteer. Again, the only one who dares to offer his hand is Tyr, knowing he's going to break the oath for the greater good.

I wanted to represent the moment in which Fenrir realizes the betrayal and acts according to his nature with rage and ferocity. Following Tyr's wrist there's some sort of magic binding that represents the bond between the God and the monster breaking, while the thin chain keeps tying the Wolf effortlessly.
I also wanted to keep an artistic style in between realistic and cartoonish. Like a myth, a fantastic story disguising the most ordinary feelings and emotions.

Thank you!

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