Sadie's Sadistic Smile

Hello!!! My name is Brittny :) I'm 26 years old, live in CA, and work at a tattoo shop! Haha I love all things horror related, and created my own evil decapitated head Muwahaha! Sadie here was inspired by some of my favorite horror movies involving possessed women, such as the exorcist and the evil dead movies! I used Das air dry clay, acrylic paint, some of my own personal makeup foundation, and a whole lot of blood! Mix that with some fake hair some hot glue and a whole bunch of different finishes, and you got yourself a monster! I'm not gonna lie, I got freaked out taking pictures of this thing alone in the dark! I hope she makes you all as uncomfortable as she makes me!  She now resides in my closet where she scares the heck out of my boyfriend every time he enters.
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