BENTHIC - “TWO TUBES” - Character from Star Wars

This “bust” was created to be something more of a proof of concept you’d find in an art department with a little more attention and love into the base and presentation. This is 1:1 of the character known as Benthic who first appeared in the Star Wars movie “Rogue One”. This character was originally designed and sculpted by Luke Fisher. 

The full set of tubes, mouth breather connectors and some greeblies are machined aluminum. The jacket is bison, and the tunic is a nylon ripstop. 

The sculpt was done in zbrush, printed. Fine details were added my hand. Molded and casted. Sprinkled in are a handful machine aluminum and metal parts found at APEX. Finished piece has just under 200 individual parts that were all hand made and assembled.

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