“Chuckles” / Creature Making Contest 2024


Faux Life sized mounted specimen from a collector of clown faces 

Cosclay and acrylics with antique frame and nails 

15” x 18” frame
Face Sculpture itself approx 10” x 12” 

Pj Halliwill 

History /Documentation 
Included on the back of frame 

as follows:

“Chuckles” the Clown 

Specimen No 013

Procured September 1946

1924 : 

Peter Williams approx 12 years of age

Ran away from home to join “The Amazing Grumbo’s traveling circus”

Studied under “Mr Happy” the clown 

Was nicknamed Chuckles and soon took this on as his show name 


Parted ways with Grumbo’s to join “Handels Wonderworld” after several seasons he then moved on to another traveling circus for only short time before coming through Sandusky Ohio. There he became a member of the clown troupe at Cedar Point performing on the midway for one season. 

He soon missed his life of travel.

“Chuckles” joined  “The Carnival of Zanzibar” a traveling troupe that eventually made their way to my hometown. It just so happened that I was already there visiting my mother.

It was a perfect chance to add one more 

“Chuckles” joined  my collection as Specimen No 13

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