Bride of Frankenstein ”Aftermath”

Hi everyone,
    I am new here and new at creating props and masks. Prop stands about 6 foot 3 inches from top of hair to base. This was my first project started in summer of 2023. This is a character based off of Jack Pierce’s make up on the actress Elsa Lanchester from the 1935 movie The Bride of Frankenstein. I was inspired to create her as though she somehow survived the destructive blast. The head was sculpted from WED clay, molded from #1 pottery plaster then cast in mask latex. Foam filled the head and painted. Eyes were also painted. I searched for a wig I styled and added the lightning bolt streaks. Body was created from EVA foam. Her weathered clothing made from material bought from fabric store and bandages made from ivory ribbons. All was weathered with tea/coffee sprayed and stained. Black stains were airbrushed and back robe ripped with razor blades and burned more with a heat gun. Skeleton frame made with PVC pipes attached to a wood board as a stand. I was really inspired by Mike Hills version so I wanted to give a crack at it and make my own version. You will notice burns and bloody skin on back of her neck and really nasty scar across her neck. I appreciate everyone of you who stop to see what I created and thank you Stan Winston school for giving a platform to display every talented individual’s artwork. 

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