Cut-off date specifics in different time zones.

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Hi, I'm hoping an Admin could please help. I live in Australia, & I'm wondering about the cut-off date for entries, as where I live is 16 hrs ahead of Washington DC. As for example 8:44am Tuesday here is 4:44pm Monday in Washington DC. What is the specific cut-off hour on Monday March 4th? & am I able to send it Australian time, if it is before that time over there in the states? 

I hope that makes sense, as I'm getting nervous about being able to make the Monday March 4th cut-off date, -As that would actually be Sunday in America. Although, Maybe I just answered my own question.. 🤔 That being the case, what State in the US is the time frame running on?

And, is it midnight Monday 4th? Los Angeles California time?(GMT)
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    The contest is open for entries until the end of Monday the 4th PST, and closes at midnight when the clock rolls over to Tuesday PST.  Hope that clarifies things.

  • Thankyou Chris-!!  Really appreciate that. I assumed, but wasn't sure.
    Anxiety averted. 
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