Glamrock Foxy-FNAF Security Breach (Fan Made Animatronic-Mask)

This is a project that I worked on last year, it was my final major project as a model making student at Arts University Bournemouth.
My challenge for this project was to mimic the style of the video game "Five Nights at Freddy's" (Security Breach) and create a brand new, fan made character that is not featured within this new FNAF game. (How would Foxy look like if he had a Glamrock version?).
Glamrock Foxy is a non existent character in FNAF Security Breach, making him my own original creation with his own unique design, while keeping stylistic elements from the game. He is a wearable animatronic-mask (that will eventually be getting a full body suit). His functions include a manually movable jaw and an electronic based eye which can move around, open widely as well as light up like the animatronic characters do in game.

This head was 3D modeled in ZBrush from scratch, then 3D printed out of PLA, (iris is specifically printed out of CPE so that light can shine through) then car body filled, sanded, put together, painted and overall hand finished. The eye mechanism parts are the only ones that were not made from scratch (they are modified parts from )

Here's a video of my mask in action, followed by some pictures :) 

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