This was part of a series I did last year where I researched creature mythologies across the globe and then picked one from each continent to design/illustrate as oversized trading cards (art on the front and personal write ups of what each one is).  I had a ton of fun learning about monsters in so many different cultures and coming up with the designs.  But at the end of the day, and after a great deal of research, I concluded just about everything in mythology and folklore wants to eat or kill you;  You and any ill behaved children that you let run around freely after hours.

Fun fact: This guy's design was based a really rough sketch on the same topic I did years ago back in high school.  I loved the thought of a human slowly transforming into this gigantic emaciated creature, with a wendigo's head growing under their skin; stretching their features and pushing it's way out until the skin is all thats left.  Like a hideous mask that the newly born wendigo would just continue to wear as it hunts.  Lovely, no?


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