Alfie The Clown

I created Alfie The Clown because what better way to beat your fear of clowns than staring at one for weeks straight. Alfie is an original design that i came up with based off of my own dreams that I've had of clowns. I wanted to make him as terrifying as i could but with still a hint of fun. He was my first mask creation, he was actually a project for school while we were learning how to make masks. I sculpted him out of clay, made a mold out of ultracal, and poured in rubber latex. After that everything is hand painted using acrylic paints. i used airbrush to create depth in his cheekbones, and wrinkles, And used a wide variety of pastel colours splattered all over him to create texture. The hair is wool that I backcombed and superglued on in patches. The eyes are made out of ping pong balls that i cut in half, painted, and then poured epoxy over. i also added some epoxy over the teeth to give it a more spitty look. There polyfoam in the top and then mesh in the mouth so that it can be worn as a mask that you can see through and breath. Aflie is one of my most proud creations, everything came directly from my imagination and all was created by hand. He is my soul and pride and he now sits happily in my room, scaring the crap out of anyone who comes to my house. (Ps my fear of clowns is still very much there but Alfie has a special place in my heart)
Link to close up video of Alfie https://www.facebook.com/100089184703741/videos/500277608901893/

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