Somethings wrong with Sally! - Creature suit

I created this partial creature suit specifically for this years creature making contest, I started over a month ago sculpting the head, stomach, and back out of WED clay and molding/ casting each piece out of latex and poly foam. The suit was then glued together using ripped up pieces of cotton batting dipped in latex and smoothed on to both the front and back pieces of the main body. The Head was skinned in latex and poly foam and trimmed to be wearable the eyes and mouth were finished with a two part epoxy mixed with food coloring. While I was constructing the head I realized the teeth were going to need to be done separately so I sculpted some teeth in Sculpey and Prima Plastilina and molded them in silicone and casted in plastic.  

The whole suit was painted with acrylic paint mixed with latex and water, as well as skin illustrator colors and some left over fake blood from previous projects. 

I fitted the suit with some cardigan sweaters from goodwill and re-positioned the fingers in both hands. 

Here is a full body shot with some warmer lighting.  

Here is the full unclothed creature suit in one of its earlier stages of being painted. 

Thank you for checking out my entry for the creature contest, if you would like to see more of my work please feel free to follow me on instagram 

Instagram:@ CarlosgomezFX 

Please check out my other entry "The Wendigo" if you get a chance! 

Photo Credit: Dan Rodrigez & Heidi Partida 

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