Amphibia Milicenti - Creature from the Black Lagoon Inspired Fish Monster

This creature was my creation for my Special Effects class at Cinema Makeup School where I got to make my first ever foam latex prosthetic piece.

The creature began as a Photoshop render, drawing design inspiration from crocodiles, barracudas, frill necked lizards, and several other creatures.

The creature was sculpted over a lifecast of my model in NSP Chavant clay and molded in Hydrocal.

Fangs were also sculpted off a cast of her teeth.

The eyes were made of vacuum formed plexiglass, and eye forms were inserted into the mold when running the foam to make a cavity for the lenses to sit snugly in.

Other accessories were made, including a frill, gloves, and a costume made from different kinds of foam and latex.

The face and frill were painted with a combination of PAX pants and Skin Illustrator colors and the costume was airbrushed to match.

Application took approximately 3 and a half hours and the creature was complete.

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