Tadhg Antlerweft, the Wingwisperer

As you journey through the woods, an eerie yet captivating atmosphere surrounds you. The air is thick with almost tangible magic, and the rustling leaves carry whispers. Amidst towering trees and moss-covered boulders, a subtle enchantment fills the air.
Suddenly, you catch a fleeting glimpse of an elusive figure—an hunched silhouette that vanishes in an instant, replaced by an ordinary bush. The woods play tricks on your perception, leaving you with a sense of mystery and a touch of unease.
As you focus on where the figure vanished, clear sensation fills the air. Even if you can't see him with your non-magical eyes, you sense Tadhg Antlerweft nearby. You might hear snippets of his murmurs, carried by the wind like mysterious melodies. The woods respond to his quiet magic, leaves whispering in tune with his grumbles. A fluttering kaleidoscope of butterflies surrounds you, dancing to Tadhg's harmonies. This magical experience, a serene connection with nature's wonders, is a precious gift from the powerful Wingwisperer to you, the humble traveler.

Sculpted with Cosclay Sculpt, Artista Formo, Hearty Soft. Painted with Acrylics.

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