Original Werecat Head Mount

This was a real passion project of mine that I got to do while I had some rare downtime between jobs. A huge reason why I wanted to sculpt this Werecat (other than to have something kick-ass to hang in my house) was to learn how to hairpunch. After finishing this project, I now have the utmost respect for everyone in the hair department. I really don't know how you stay sane doing this!

I'll post more about this on my instagram: @natesangerdavies

 I started off with a little sketch sculpt and photoshopped over it to get some idea as to what it would look like furred. (I've lost some of the design pics of this..)

 I then very quickly bashed it out in WED clay and made the teeth in monster clay to make them removable and easy to mould. I think it took 3 days to sculpt. I only had a limited amount of time to mould it, so I definitely rushed it, but I'm still happy with the result!

 I did a 4 part fibreglass mould for this and painted in some layers of platinum silicone and filled it with soft foam.

 I then painted it up and inserted the eyes that were kindly lent to me by my boss at the time (thank you SO much Kristyan, for all the materials and use of your workshop) And then I hair punched for a million years..

 The shield base it's mounted on is some MDF I cut out and routered, then painted with some wood stain paint using some techniques I'd learned from Rut Villamagna (the most incredible prop painter)

It's been a real hoot working on this guy and I'm planning to cast some more out and try out some different paint and hair variations. I'm thinking a tiger next! 


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    This looks awesome!  The details and the wrinkles make this totally look like a believable real creature.
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