Gremil the Tardigrade

"Gremil" the little night-light water bear 

Sculpted in Monster Clay, molded in Vita flex and Epoxy resin, and first roto-cast in 78AB resin. The mold consists of three parts, with the legs and head cut beforehand to be molded separately. Each paw has a two-part mold. A bendable armature has already been made for each paw and the body for the next silicone cast, which will allow the creature to move and come alive. 

This is a personal project I'm pursuing because I have a fondness for these little creatures, tardigrades. I want to give them the recognition they deserve since so few people are aware of them, despite their magnificence. They're seen (at least to me : ) as the 'beginning and the end,' symbolizing life itself with their remarkable resilience and adaptability. 

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