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Full Credit to Junji Ito the mastermind of these incredible scary stories
Tomie :"Another Face"
The story revolves around a photographer named Mori who becomes obsessed with Tomie due to her resemblance to a woman from his past.

Mori takes photos of Tomie, but when he develops them, he discovers a horrifying truth: in the pictures, Tomie appears to have two faces, one beautiful and the other distorted and monstrous. Tomie, initially playful about the photos, reveals a chilling truth she wants to be killed.

This sets off a chain of events where Tomie manipulates those around her, particularly Mori, leading to violence and tragedy. The story explores themes of obsession, beauty's dark side, and the consequences of unchecked desires.

It's important to note that "Tomie: Another Face" is just one chapter in the larger "Tomie" series, which features the titular character in various storylines exploring her unsettling nature and the chaos she brings.

Uzumaki - Azami - Spiral Girl

Azami Kurotani, a character who becomes afflicted by the town's spiral curse.

Uzumaki, written and illustrated by Junji Ito, tells the story of a small Japanese town called Kurouzu-cho, literally meaning "Black Vortex Town." The town becomes inexplicably cursed by the spiral shape.

The story follows Kirie Goshima, a high school girl, and her boyfriend Shuichi Saito as they witness the spirals infiltrating every aspect of life in Kurouzu-cho. From hair growing in spirals to buildings resembling giant whirlpools, the townspeople become increasingly obsessed and warped by the ever-present spirals.

Shuichi's father becomes consumed by the curse, attempting to contort his body into a human spiral before taking his own life. Kirie's mother, in fear of spirals, ironically becomes twisted and contorted herself while trying to remove them from her body.

As the story progresses, the spiral's influence intensifies, leading to bizarre and disturbing events. People's bodies become contorted, their minds warped, and the very fabric of reality seems to bend under the influence of the unrelenting spirals.

Azami's transformation is particularly horrifying and iconic. The curse manifests in her as a large, constantly growing spiral mark that eventually consumes her entire body, leading to a gruesome fate.

Kirie and Shuichi, determined to escape the town's curse, face immense challenges and witness the horrific consequences of the spiral's grip on their fellow citizens.

Uzumaki is a masterfully crafted horror story that explores themes of obsession, control, and the inescapable nature of fate. It uses the seemingly mundane shape of the spiral to create a disturbing and unforgettable experience.

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