GORGAX of Paragax-Prime; Original Alien Character(Foam Latex and Process video)

Here is the full makeup process from maquette design through final application.


Character: wanted to create an alien character that could be seen within the world of 'The Orville' TV series. This brutish alien race is from an industrial-filled planet and over time have evolved with exo-skeletal armor in areas that are usually sensitive. The beatle, shell-like armor has been pivotal in survival on their planet and strength in combat. Though they do utilize high tech weaponry, they much prefer hand to hand warfare. As such, they participate in the annual 'Intergalactic Fight Competition' to show their dominance to the galaxy. 

Process started with a lifecast of the model. I made snaps of the lower lip, brown, and 'horseshoe' rest of the face. Sculpted their detail and molded them. The cowl was a 3 piece mold splitting the back into 2 sides. Everything was casted using foam latex. I prepainted a majority of the casted pieces. Once bald cap was on the model the cowl and snaps were placed and blended together(cowl, brown, lip, then horseshoe) then painted the blended areas to match. After application did a quick photoshoot.

The armor was modified from a basic cycling gear with layers of paint, weathering, alien writing, and different wire hosing, a cpap hose, and military issued boots that were grimed up, purple under shirt, black leggings, and head topped with ultraslime on set. This is my first thing I ever made like this. Thanks for looking. 

Shown below is process pictures starting and ending with a complete look.


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