The Big Scary Monster from South Park

Inspired by the South Park Episode: City on the Edge of Forever.  With influences from Spawn (the Violator), Clive Barker, and Bug Edgar from Men In Black
complete with Red Shirt Kid & school bus display piece.
I wanted to make a realistic, yet still somewhat cartoony version of the Big Scary Monster from the episode.  I wanted to keep a sense of the same anatomy as it had in the cartoon.
I had actually started with just wanting to make some wild, twisted anatomy-having monster the likes of which Clive Barker would write about, then ended up deciding to do the Big Scary Monster.
-somewhere around 12” tall and 10”+ wide
-Figure sculpted out of Apoxie sculpt.
-base sculpted out of air dry “paper clay” and apoxie sculpt on a wooden base
-red shirt kid is just a paper print out sealed to some sheet styrene
the “gut sack” is my pride on this sculpture (although im also pretty proud of my means of solving the sculpting challenge that was the split, disconnected head of the monster) because of all the layering of clear and translucent layers it took to achieve (picture of finished sculpt vs finished piece to see the difference), sadly pictures hardly do it justice.
Currently reigning king as the largest full creature sculpt I've done.

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