Jack Alope, or "Bun-alien"

I started this piece as a sculpting demonstration in the Summer of 2013 at an art festival. It was sculpted in WED clay, and was sitting covered in plastic in my studio until that Winter when I realized that I needed to finish it and mold it ASAP. I finished the sculpture, and got the mold done at around midnight on a Saturday. About an hour later my fiance's water broke, and about 40 hours later our son was born. 

Because of the timing of the finishing of this piece, and because the sculpture was loosely inspired by my pet Holland Lop rabbit Frankie, it holds a special place in my heart. It's a weird one, I always feel that it is essentially cute, but many people find it to be one of the creepiest creatures I've made.

The finished piece is painted polyurethane foam filled latex, with cast polyurethane foam antlers (sculpted from scratch).
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