"The Battle Tiger" Latex Head-Bust

I decided to share the second finished head that I worked on, using the same sculpt I made for Rick Baker's Thriller Werecat mask recreation. As the Module at uni suggested, they wanted us to create 2 final pieces (one silicone and one latex) using only one sculpt, but make them look as different from each other as possible.

Similarly to the Werecat, the latex "Battle Tiger" bust has the same face, ears and fast-cast resin teeth, although they've been modified to fit the concept of the character better, whom I came up with. (I knew I wanted this to be a golden tiger, with a blind eye, hence why it's got a different color pallet compared to common, black striped tigers)

Overall, painting, flocking, air brushing, along with making eyeballs, sculpting some eyelids and finally adding accessories and whiskers was a fun process and I learned so much as I've never worked on such a project before. Lastly, I wanted this to be gory, I wanted blood on its mouth, as if it was fighting for its life right before getting its head chopped off and stuck onto the trophy frame. It was a messy process, but very much worth it in the end.

So, this is the battle tiger, a humanoid-feline mutant creature that was brutally slaughtered during some type of war? Or maybe it got ambushed on? I'll let its expression and wounds to speak for themselves.
Original character/concept by me, using the same sculpt I created for the Thriller Werecat by Rick Baker. (Technically a second version of the sculpt, for our first Module in Prosthetics Effects, while working with the guidance of Neil Gorton and Bradley Greenwood whom I thank sincerely.)

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