"Failed Driver's Test"

Hey guys!! This right here is one out of my set of three characters I’m creating to show the hardships of teenage life. The idea of failing a driver’s test is one of the biggest teen nightmares! In all honesty, it’s no big deal, right? But to a teen, it’s a huge embarrassment!! As you can see, this kid clearly screwed the pooch with his test😂 

He's stands about 2 feet tall and is has a sculpted 
Loctite Foam body. His head, hands, and feet were sculpted in clay, then cast in a polyurethane resin. I sewed his clothes out of some old ones that don't fit me anymore. His steering wheel was 3D Printed and then weathered with spot putty. I painted it up to look a little charred. All of the car parts on the base are from destroyed dollar store electronics😂 

I had LOADS of fun with this character!!

I've got a VIDEO LINK:

Thank y'all and hope you enjoy this wacky guy!!!
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