What are the things required to work at stan winston or any other prop/makeup/costume studios?

I know requirments change from studio to studio but if you are working professionally or have some experience in this industry I would like to know what are the things required to work in this industry. I'm from Turkey and props,costumes and makeup is my passion but my country isnt suited for stuff like this. I'm currently studying fine arts but i wanted it to be something more related to costume and special effect but we dont have the equivalent to that (there are departments close to it but they dont teach much from what i've researched). I hear people doing stuff like this in college/university and sadly I dont have the financial situarion to study in another country. Does any kind of college degree and a good portfolio enough to get a job in this industry? After graduation my plan is to go to another country that is more advanced in this industry so i can work at small studios to gain some experience and have some work for my portfolio so make way up from there. Would that be enough? I would really appreciate everyones help and advices.


  • Last year I took "The Business of Making Monsters" courses by Shannon Shea and they were extremely helpful. I feel like I'm in a similar situation - it's hard, even in Australia, to find work in the creative industry I'd like to get into. I wouldn't say you need to have a college degree in the arts to get a job - though, some places may see that as a huge bonus - but it's your portfolio that plays a huge part of it, and also how you communicate with the studios you reach out to. If you're actively studying with the Stan Winston School, that's a great start!

    Networking is a huge key element in the creative industries too.
  • I see..Thank you so much I'll be sure to check out that course!
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