She Prances With The Devil

This make-up application was inspired by Doug Jones 'The Pale Man' from the film, Pan's Labyrinth. I made four encapsulated silicone prosthetics to achieve this look. I also used an airbrush with silicone based pigments to colour the application, including using pulsing techniques to create the thin lines. I chose to work with silicone based pigments, as I was aware that the application time would be longer than normal, therefore I compensated for my model if she was to perspire during application. I chose to completely fill in the eye sockets of my model and give the appearance of over grown skin and large veins, to symbolise the age of this creature. I also incorporated veining all over the body to show time and age. The prosthetic eyes located on the palms of the hands are a symbol of isolation, as this creature lives on her own, similar to the pale man, her eyes can metaphorically only see what she allows to connect with her, however this always leads to trouble.
I have also included a photo of one of the finished sculpts of the prosthetic eyes before casting.
I hope you like my application make-up. Please leave a comments, as your thoughts and opinions are valued. 
Thank you.

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