Sea Creature.

This application was made from a foam latex prosthetic piece, including individual teeth made out of easy-flow. I was inspired by the deep sea angler fish by its large mandible and vicious snarl, enhanced by its razor sharp teeth. From here my imagination took off. I decided to incorporate the classic colours of a great white shark, as from a personal preference sharks are also scary and intimidating predators of the ocean, therefore I decided to use blues, black, silvers and fresh tones for the gums. I finished off this make-up application with black contact lenses to accentuate fish eyes and braided my models hair.
I hope you like this make-up application. Please leave a comment as I would love to hear your thoughts and opinions. 
Thank you. 


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    This is neat. My attention is immediately drawn to the eyes, they're beautiful but a little haunting, and then those teeth! The only thing I would fix are the bits that draw attention to it being a make-up, the hairline and the inside of the lower lashes. 
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    Thank you very much for your kind words Wren Wilcox. Unfortunately my model has psoriasis, therefore I was not able to blend the colour fully into the hairline. I take your words on board. Thank you very much :)
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    Can one drink a beer in this?

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