Temptress of the Sea

I am Raoul, 38, from the UK. I am an artisan mask-maker specialised in custom silicone masks. I like to blend traditional mask-making techniques (clay sculpting, moulding, spray painting) with modern approaches such as 3D modelling and 3D face-scanning.

The work presented here is a collaboration with metal band Trollmother, a power sludge duo from the south coast of England. The band approached me to design a sea monster creature, based on their concept and drawings of the mystical "Temptress of the Sea".

Before entering into the details, here is a picture of the final costume, posing with the band:

I am responsible for making the full size head mask and the tentacles gloves, both made out of platinum-grade silicone. 
The mask and gloves was designed and 3D sculpted using Blender. They were 3D printed on a Anycubic MonoX presin printer. They were then assembled and moulded using silicone (inner mould) and plaster (outer mould). Both were casted using Gel 00-30 and painted using Psycho Paint and SilcPig pigments. 
For the teeth, I designed them in Blender and 3D printed them, before painting them with acrylic washes and sealing with gloss spray.
The eyes were sourced from Nixcreations
Wardrobe was done by @art_by_timbre

I have tons of pictures of the process, and some videos.
Below is a selection. Thanks for looking!

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