Lunar Mecha Troops

Hello everyone,

Our work is themed around science fiction machinery. After designing, we used 3D software to model, print, and color the machinery.

By creating a scene, we presented the pre-battle situation of the mechanical humanoid form.

Through several collaborations with the astronomical museum, we learned about the possible development of machinery in space.

We tried to add a sense of biological texture to the mechanical design.

We added a large number of flight backpacks and propulsion nozzles.

This is because in space, the phenomenon of zero gravity can reduce the flexibility required for the driver to turn instantly in multiple directions.

Large guns themselves also have their own propulsion capabilities. Humanoid machinery does not operate weapons by carrying them, but integrates with the automatic judgment trajectory of the guns to meet the possibility of aiming in a wide space during space warfare.

In the design plan, when flying in space, the huge gun itself can become an external supplementary fuel equipment, which is a multi-functional space attack vehicle that combines attack, flight, and guidance.

At the beginning of the planning, the scene was only a small base station.

However, as the character production process progressed, new equipment, tools, and shapes were added one by one to the final maintenance personnel.

The larger the space used to present the object, the more objects we wanted to present.

Finally, we had to worry about whether the coloring would destroy the original design of the scene.

  1. Step 1: Sketch first
  2. Step 2: Make a model using 3D software
  3. Step 3: Print
  4. Step 4: Adjust parts after assembly
  5. Step 5: Polish (multiple colors for easy inspection)
  6. Step 6: Overall placement and posture adjustment
  7. Step 7: Painting
  8. Step 8: Add accessories

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