Tor Gourdson mug

My portrait of b movie horror icon Tor Johnson as a pumpkin. Porcelain ceramic mug, fully functional head to drink from!For people unfamiliar with the process of ceramic slip casting, I sculpted the mug in monsterclay. A 4 part mold was made in usg1 pottery plaster. Fill the mold with ceramic slip, a pourable pottery clay, dwell and pour out like a latex mask. When leather hard the casting pops out, gets trimmed and painted. For painting i use an airbrush and detail brushes with pottery underglaze colors.  The mug gets fired in a kiln, then a dark wash rub out, drink safe inside glaze, and a clear top glaze are added  before firing a 2nd time. 
View inside the mug showing the hole for filling and the  hole for a straw.
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