Michael Jackson's "Thriller" Werecat (Recreation of Rick Baker's original work)

I am currently doing an MA degree at Falmouth university, with the guidance of Neil Gorton and Bradley Greenwood. For our first module within the course, I decided to challenge myself by choosing an iconic monster to re-create and make it look as accurate to the original as possible (with limited time and budget for materials). As an admirer of both Michael Jackson's and Rick Baker's work, I thought that the werecat was a really good idea and quite an interesting creature to try to recreate. I learned a lot during the making process both from our amazing lecturers as well as extra information that I've found through the Stan Winston School site.
The final piece is a wearable silicone mask, with fast-cast/resin teeth, weft hair that have been both glued in as well as hair punched into the silicone skin, along with whiskers made out of PLA filament.
Before I leave you with the pictures/videos, I'd like to thank my Lecturers (Neil Gorton, Bradley Greenwood), the Stan Winston School, Rick Baker as well as Michael Jackson for being great sources of inspiration throughout this making journey, I'm very much grateful and I hope that you enjoy the final product as much as I enjoyed making it :)  -SheWolf.ArtGr

The full making process can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ItxtZHQiILw&t=8s

And a shortened version can be found here: https://youtube.com/shorts/A7CtXDLLvr8?si=6fHsPk0aJowlXEw3
(hopefully the links work)

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