My creature was born a boy. He was slightly deformed having abnormally long and bucked front teeth. When he was in school all the kids ridiculed him calling him Rabbit Boy. One day, five cruel teens wanted to play a prank. They grabbed Rabbit Boy while he was riding his bike home. They tied his hands/ feet together and put a rabbit mask over his face. Then they drove out to the country to a large rabbit farm. There was hundreds of rabbits in a pin. The teens threw the boy into the pin and watched as the rabbits ran over and over the boy. They mocked him in laughter then left him there until the farmer found him the next morning covered in bloody scratches and covered in rabbit excrement. The boy's mother moved

them out of the town the very next day without a word. 
Five years later, the boy came back. He had embraced the rabbit and altered his appearance. He had sewn the mask the teens had put on him to his face. He cut off his human ears and also sewn together the middle of his top lip to finish his rabbit look. He then took his brutal revenge on the five teens murdering them by gnawing at their necks with his long rabbit-like teeth or by his weapon of choice: A wooden stake he fashioned to look like a carrot.

Brooke Edler
Strange and Unusual Designs
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