Winky - Dobby's drunk little friend.

I sculpted, moulded, casted, finished, and painted Winky in tribute to her never making it to the movies! She is such a beautiful character, and I wanted nothing more than to capture her sadness, drunkness, and messy life she had. She was so relatable (maybe not on the butterbeer side of things...), but in the sense that she was so kind, she needed to lean on others during a tough time in her life, and she was honestly all over the place. I think we all feel that at times. So this is to you, Winky. I loved making you. :)

(Sculpted as one of the first 3D sculpts I tried! In water clay, with a steel, plaster, and chicken wire armature. Cast in Polyurethane fast-cast, all hand painted in acrylic with brushes).

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