"EJ" the camp counselor

EJ was my final project for my college certificate and was created by myself and my four other team members whom I have credited at the end of this post and who gave me explicit permission to enter in this contest. He is a werewolf digisuit consisting of stilts, a custom 3D printed head base, an animatronic head and prop oar all topped by his 80s style camp counsellor uniform.

His head base was sculpted using ZBrush and consisted of multiple hinges to allow his jaw to open and muzzle to raise as the wearer opened their mouth. Additionally he has animatronic eyes controlled by two servo motors and controlled via an Arduino. His nose and tongue, gums and eyelids were hand sculpted and cast out of silicone and subsequently hairpunched. His suit consists of a sculpted muscle suit constructed out of reticulated foam and covered in fur

This project was created by myself, Ava Guse (avaguse.sfx@gmail.com and @avaguse.sfx on insta), Sean Beer (seanbeersfx@gmail.com and @fears_4_beers on insta), Maddy Muszka (madisonmuszka@gmail.co and @mojoyote on insta), Jude Theriault (judetheriault.sfx@gmail.com and @jude.makes.art on insta) and Gen Kale (genevievekale.sfx@gmail.com and @genkalesfx on insta)

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