Carnival of Nightmares

Designed and created by me aka Cazifex >:):D
Theme: Carnival of NightmaresCharacter: Cizin the Devilish Ringmaster


Mayan God of Death, Darkness and Disaster, Cizin often pictured as a dancing human skeleton smoking a cigarette, identified by his collar of human eyes dangling from nerve endings. He keeps souls of evil people in the underworld where they are subjected to his torments and trickery. He became closely identified with the Christian Devil, known as 'The Stinking One'.


In the Mayan time the God of Death loved the human sacrifices that were offered to him, yet as the times went on he became bored and wanted to try living a human life. Although it appeared delightful for his mischievous self, he became even more hungry for innocent souls and thought the easiest way to gain them would be a place where all crowds gather. Carnivals which reel in the prey with fancy shiny lights would be perfect for shocking frights. He jumped into a living ringmaster, devoured his soul and mimicked his entertaining ways to fool the unexpected while devouring delicious juicy souls.

Materials used:
Liquid Latex, Dragon Skin Silicone, Foam Clay, Wire, Glue, Masking tape, Tempera paint, Face paint, SFX Fresh Blood, SFX Blood Gel, SFX Aged Blood, Red Wool, LED Lights, Hot Glue,
 Molding Plastic,

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