Monster hunter, bone armour

This is to date my favourite costume I have ever made. My monster hunter bone amour! Everything was 100% made from scratch. All the patterns were made by measurement by me. The bow was made from upholstery foam and foam clay! It can also disassemble to fit into a standard suitcase using magnets and pvc pipes.
The mask was first sculpted from foam clay then covered in thermo plastic. With a hand made wig from hair extensions.
all the bones where first sculpted in monster clay before being moulded and cast in resin. The quiver is hollow to hold anything I need while wearing the costume and is covered in meters of hand weaved, fabric covered Eva foam.

there is so so many layers to this costume and so much I could talk about! Overall I love it and it has given me the confidence to try even bigger things!
if you want to see more of my cosplays feel free to follow me at TC Cosplay on every platform 



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