Moth costume

This bean was a absolute joy to make and was 100% made from scratch. I also improvised his design as I went based off of the red tiger moth. 
The head base is made of upholstery foam and was caved into shape. His antenna are Eva foam with wire in the middle so they are possible! His eyes are made from Eva foam clay and thermo plastic.
his tail is also made from Eva foam to get the segmented thorax look, I stitched in a little moth face on the base because I thought it look really cute.

by far the coolest and the most difficult part of him was his wings. Each one of the four wings attaches to a “back pack” style base with pvc pipe connections as well as some rare earth metal magnets for extra strength and to make sure the line up every time. They also have wire running though them making them possible. The base was built out of Eva foam and thin Upholstery foam which was then covered in fabric. Each line detail on the wing was stitched into the wing first before receiving a few rounds of airbrushing 

overall I think he looks mysterious and Awsome. If you would like to see more of my fursuit work feel free to follow me at Creature Creations and Costumes on every platform

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