Dragon mask

This was a custom made mask I finished not to long ago! His jaw moves and he had leds in his eyes and a fan in his nose. His tongue is cast silicone and his eyes made in a way to give the following effect. All his scales are made from Eva foam which was covered in minky fabric then airbrushed. 
He is built of a resin cast blank made by dream vision creations which was then very heavily modified to create him. His scare, lips, eyelids and nose were made from foam clay and his vision ports from uv solar screen. Her also has a hidden zipper down the back of his head under the scale which magnet over the top for easy wear. Overall I am super happy with how he came out especially with the paint work on his jaw set.he is also fully lined on the inside and has adjustable strapping for the best wearing experience. If you was to see more of my fursuits feel free to check my work out. Creature Creations and Costumes on every platform then c 


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    Amazing job on the scales, teeth, and eyes. I love that you decided to cover the exterior with fabric. It's not something you notice right away until you see the close-up.
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    I love this! So nicely made, with all the details on the scales, bravo! 
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