Question on encapsulated silicone

Hi all!
I'm thinking about making an anglerfish makeup. Do you think it's possible to make an encapsulated silicone forehead piece that incorporates the "fishing rod" or should I rather make these in two pieces, one for the forehead and one for the rod? If I did it in two pieces what would be the best way to make the rod and forehead pieces fit together?

Thanks for your help!


  • I would make it as 2 pieces.  You can design them so the rod sockets into the forehead piece and then use adhesive to hold it in place.  Depending on the length and weight of the rod, you may want to think about having a small rigid plate on the actor's forehead that supports the rod, then apply the forehead piece over/around that.

    It's also possible, for some designs, to do it all in one piece.
    All depends on the design of the character.


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