How to make mold of human heart???

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Hi, I’m new to special effects makeup. I’ve recently sculpted a human heart out of water clay since wed clay is not available in my country. I’m having a difficult time making a mold of it given that it has a lot of undercuts. Can somebody help/guide how I can do that? Id be grateful. I’m sharing a picture of my sculpture as well. Thank you 


  • What material do you plan on casting the heart in?

  • 2 piece stone mold
  • What material would you like the final cast heart to be made of?  That can inform how you design the mold.

    You should be able to do this as a 2 part stone mold as long as the casting is soft enough to pull out of the undercuts where you have insets in the veins, arteries, vena cava, etc.  Just make sure the stone halves don't have any locks caused by undercuts.

    Otherwise, a silicone glove or box mold could also work.

  • I want to cast it in platsil gel 10 deadened to 200% so it’s squishy enough. Although on the walls of the heart I will add a Thixotropic in silicone so it’s strong but squishy on the inside. The problem here is whilst laying it down in clay bed. The undercuts are overwhelming.
  • Since you can dig the clay out of undercuts inside the mold, and the silicone should be soft enough to stretch out of the undercuts the main issue is making sure the 2 mold halves don't lock together due to an undercut.  Rotating the heart around at different angles may help find the right parting line.

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