I invite you to a small makeup contest in Venice

As part of the festival Gothika VII edizione http://www.gothika.events/

Welcome to the Queen of Darkness Makeup Competition, where you have the opportunity to unleash your creativity and showcase your skills and personality in the Goth subculture! The purpose of the event is to bring together makeup artists who appreciate the aesthetics of dark gothic art, drawing inspiration from the world of the Dark Side of the Moon.
The competition is hosted by a well-known and popular makeup artist and teacher from Hungary, who has received many international prizes for her art: Krisztina Asztalos www.facebook.com/esztetikaszalon
Competition categories:
Nosferatu: Create a makeup look reminiscent of the mysterious and mystical world of vampires.
Dark and Forbidden Magic. Create a contrasting makeup look that combines elements often found in Gothic art—both magical and real.
Dark Mysteries: designer make-up reflecting the sensibility of gothic romance.
Admission requirements:
Both amateurs and professional makeup artists can take part in the competition.
Participants must stick to a theme that embodies the style and mood of Gothic art.
Makeup must be created independently and confirmed with a photo taken on the day of the competition.
Send an email to [email protected] with the following information:
Full name
Phone number
Instagram/Facebook username (if applicable)
Category(s) you belong to
Brief description of your makeup inspiration
Application Deadline: 1/02/2024
Important information:
Professional photographers will photograph participants' makeup during the competition.
After completing the makeup competition, participants will have the opportunity to showcase and share their creations with the audience.
We look forward to welcoming everyone and can't wait to see how you bring the dark world of goth to life with your makeup!
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