Mask mold making

Can you use Crystalcal R for making a mold for latex masks? Ultracal 30 is very hard to get in the UK.


  • I've not tried that specific product, but it should work just fine. 

    One reseller said it is "ideal for mold making (latex casts) and mother molds" and "used to make hard casts with fine reproduction of detail". So it sounds like a good alternative for Ultracal 30

    Here are some other product details:

    Plaster/Water Ratio: 100/35
    Working Time: 15 Minutes
    Demould Time: 18 Minutes
    Expansion: 0.4%
    Compressive Strength: 55 Mpa
    Shelf Life: 9 Months
    If you run into any issues you can look into using dental stone for a print/detail coat to create a nice durable surface.  And sometimes adding fiber reinforcement may be needed.

  • Thank you!
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