Double eyelid hand operated mechanism?

I was wondering if I could ask this, I'm trying to make a cyclops puppet with a sideways blinking eye with two eyelids that is manually activated with perhaps a spring of some sort. I'm very new to puppet making and mechanisms, this would be my first ever project ever with puppets honestly, and I find I'm having trouble finding resources to make such a mechanism that isn't arduino operated. I wonder if there's another name I need to be looking up, or if there's just not a lot of resources out for something like this in the first place, I'm unsure!
If there's any advice you all can give, or tips or something I could use, please let me know! Also if you see anything about how to work the mouth mechanism (just opening and closing the sideways jaws), I'd appreciate it BUT the eye mechanism is more necessary honestly!
I've been looking up blinking mechanisms for puppets basically all day with no real success for a hand operated one...


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