Daughter wants to learn Character Arts

I'm a complete know-nothing when it comes to this area. I've scanned the site and forums looking for a good place to start, but I'm feeling pretty lost. You see, my daughter has this habit of setting her mind to something and she won't let up unless she accomplishes her goals. Her current goal is to start learning character design so she can be a character artist one day. I really want to support her, but there's one major problem:

My daughter is freshly 9 years old. I'm thinking of getting a sub here, but I'm not sure if any of the courses would be applicable to someone in her age group and we might wait until she's a teenager. Do you have any advice on first steps for a kid? Thank you 


  • Some of our character design courses would work great for a 9-year-old artist.  If you look at our "Design Basics" learning. pathway https://www.stanwinstonschool.com/pathways/design-basics-online-courses-for-beginning-character-designers Many of the lessons involve sculpting and drawing, which younger students should have no difficulty with.

    Some lessons, like foam fabrication, require working with tools and chemicals that would require adult supervision.

    With our streaming courses, it is easy to replay chapters or entire courses multiple times until things make sense, which can help younger students learn at their own pace.   And we are always here on the forums to help clarify things or answer any questions.

    Hope that helps!

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