Substitutions for Pressure Cooker for Clear Coating Eyeballs

Are there any substitutions for the pressure cooker when clear coating eyeballs to ensure no bubbles? I've seen some people use UV lights but they also used UV resin for clear coating, and I saw something where someone used like a hot water bath they put the whole silicone mold into. I ask because I don't have a pressure cooker and wanted to see what other options are available that I already have. Thank you!!


  • The pressure pot takes any existing bubbles and squeezes them down so they are super small and almost invisible.
    You can cast the clear resin without the pressure pot, but you may end up with bubbles. 

    There are a few things you can do to help reduce bubbles though.  Using a thin slow-curing resin can help give any bubbles time to rise to the top, you just need to provide them a way to escape when designing and orienting your mold.  Vibrating the mold can also help bubbles rise.  Doing a high pour, where you very slowly pour the resin into the mold from as high up as possible helps by allowing the resin to stretch into a thin stream that pops bubbles.

    Otherwise, you may want to eventually invest in a proper pressure pot.  If you do, make sure you use one that is specifically designed for this process.  Some folks try to save money by using cheap paint pressure pots, which at higher pressures can explode.  I know multiple people who have been seriously injured this way.

  • Very helpful information, I really appreciate it!! Thank you!! Definitely don't want anything to explode!
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