Sculpting Practice

I've been really trying hard to work on my sculpting skills. I learned a lot from Norman Cabrera's course which I'm super thankful for! I typically work with monster clay, I just like the feel of it. These are some of my more recent sculpts, some of which I turned into masks. The flat sculpt of Curse of the Werewolf and Pluto from The Hills Have Eyes were just practice, nothing ever came of those unfortunately. 


  • Nice stuff! I've got a tub of Monster Clay I've hardly used because I mostly do digital sculpting. I think you've given me the push to refine my hand sculpting skills over the holidays.
  • @Alexander H thank you so much! and do it!! i have yet to try digital sculpting, i like working with clay and my computer is just for show at the moment  :D 
  • Nice work.  I dig that rat character!

  • @Chris Ellerby thank you so much! He made his debut at the haunted house I worked at this October  :#
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