Wolfman Sculpt and Mask

i recently sculpted a Wolfman mask inspired by the 2010 Wolfman. I sculpted it in MonsterClay soft, molded with ultracal and cast with latex. I wish I would’ve made more of a closed mouth but I think i
might add some fleshy bits to the next cast. 


  • Mike, Your wolfman mask looks cool. What type of hair did you use ? 
    Regards, Sean 
  • @Sean Dalton thank you so much! I used black and dark brown crepe hair. After i glued it down, I hit it with a heat gun for a few seconds and then sprayed with some hair spray :) 
  • nice!!!
  • That looks fantastic!! 2010 Wolfman is my favorite now. 

    Here is my attempt. 

  • @Jeffrey Mahon that looks fantastic!! I love it!! did you make the teeth as well? I'm thinking of doing another one without the mouth being open like I originally did
  • I used off the shelf Orc teeth to sculpt around then ended up making my own set using dental acrylic. I made mine as a display piece and back filled it with foam. That allowed me to cut out the foam in the mouth area to fit the teeth set. 

  • That's awesome!! The teeth look amazing, I need to practice making those more. 
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