New Here/ my first sculpt, mold, and mask

Hi everyone,
I have always wanted to learn how to do this so I finally decided to jump in.
Any constructive critique would be appreciated. I feel really good about where I’m heading. Like most I doubt my abilities. Probably why it took me 57 years to start😂😂😂
If anyone has time I could use some help with my new sculpt.
I feel like it needs something and at the same time feel like it could be done.
Honestly I just don’t know🤗
Thanks for taking your time



  • Looking awesome, especially for your first time!  Keep it up!

  • Textures look great so far! You say you're looking for something more - is there a character or creature that you're aiming to mimic, or taking inspiration from?
  • Hey Alex, 
    I was using a picture of a zombie prosthetic. 
    This is how it came out. I'm learning everything this is the first time using alcohol paints. 

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