Animatronics, Help! Seeking Ideas for Computer Science Bachelor's Thesis with Animatronics

 Hello everyone! I'm currently trying to come up with ideas for my final bachelor's thesis in computer science (embedded systems) and I would REALLY like to do something with animatronics (The whole reason I got into CS).

I can basically do anything related to computer science (and by extension; mechatronics). However, one criteria is that it has to have scientific value; meaning it either investigates or develops something new, or answers a question/solves a problem. Any suggestions or insights would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you in advance!


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    Hi Erik,

    That sounds like an interesting challenge.  Would the animatronic serving an educational purpose meet those criteria?  If so, one option would be to have the character act as an interactive guide/instructor/educator. 

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    you ever get that figured out?
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