Black Friday 2023

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I am planning on buying a subscription this year. The adds for the Halloween sale did not reach me until it was too late. Can anyone on the sites staff or in the community tell me if there will be a black friday sale and what the code for getting the discount will be? 

As a follow up question, do IATSE members who can prove their membership and/ or work in makeup get any form of discount on this service?



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    Hi Christian,

    We are having a great Black Friday Sale starting next week.  When the sale starts we will be switching all our forum banners over and linking to the sale page.  So if you keep your eye out here you'll be sure to catch it!

    I don't know if we have any discounts for IATSE members, but I can check with the team.  That said, the Black Friday discount will be a big one, and as long as you keep your subscription active you'll keep that discounted price.

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