PAX Paint

I see that PAX paint is made from mixing pros aide with Liquitex acrylic paint. But why Liquitex? I've read in different places that you can use any acrylic paint, not just liquitex, and I've also read that it must be liquitex. So, what's the answer? Thanks.


  • Hi Troy,

    You can use any acrylic paint.  Liquitex is just a common acrylic paint with a known formula and known pigment-to-binder ratios etc.  If you plan to use it on skin, just make sure whatever paint you use is safe.  When changing up ingredients or formulas I always suggest doing a small test (or series of tests) before applying to a serious project.

    It's generally best to stick with what is tested over decades when possible.   But if you can't find Liquitex or just want to try another paint, you totally can. 

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