Molding resin master for Latex casting?

Hi all,

I am in the process of building another Hollywood Gorilla Suit in the style of George Barrows' Konga. 

I thought I'd go a little more realistic with the hands and got resin castings of a Male Gorilla. 

What would be the best process to go from resin masters to Ultracal molds for latex castings?

Thank you!


  • I would make a 2 part silicone mold of the hands, then cast them in either a flexible urethane or silicone (with good barriers and release to prevent bonding to mold)

    Then you would have a flexible master that would be safe to mold in Ultracal or Hydrocal.

    Just my thoughts.  Would anyone else handle it differently?

  • Thanks Chris!!

    Would you do a silicone box mold with no plaster shell?
  • I would probably clay up half the hand to create the parting line/keys, and then either pour up each half like a box mold or brush on multiple layers layers of silicone with a plaster or epoxy shell.  Box molds typically use more silicone, which can increase cost.

  • Here is my attempt so far. 

  • Silicone is definitley the go to for making a urethane skin build for these...make the sleeve pretty thick and a 2 parter IF you  can...that way the urethane can be brushed in to a desirable thickness on both sides and seamed from within or after it has been put together..
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