My version of HellRaiser's PinHead in Hell Paso, TX

This is me as my version of the PinHead character from the HellRaiser movies. I do not own any rights to anything in the HellRaiser movies or franchise. *I own my creation of my costume (the work of my hands) inspired by the HellRaiser movies & my entry into this 2023 Halloween Costume Contest to depict my costume.
I made this costume myself and this is the work of only my hands. I also did my own Special FX makeup. I was able to create this look using a bald cap, 2 different sized needles for puncturing holes into the bald cap, some Q-tips, a tealight candle, silver spray paint, some liquid latex, and various types of makeup such as eyeliners, lip liners, eye shadows, foundation, face powder, and fake sfx blood. I carefully and meticulously put this costume together and the bald cap is what took me the longest to complete as it was the most time consuming; I have a ton of long straight thick hair so it was not an easy task; I french braided my hair & pinned the braids as close to my scalp as possible before application of the bald cap. I then blended the bald cap into my skin with liquid latex and makeup.

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